The Path of Life

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  1. Jesus Was Raised
  2. The Path Of Life from AVA Recordings (Black Hole) on Beatport
  3. Why Path of Life?
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David trusts in the Lord.

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David shows us what it means to trust in the Lord. Why does his flesh dwell secure?

Jesus Was Raised

In short, here is resurrection. This is the theme of Psalm 16 that continues into Psalm 17 cf.

And it has Messianic overtones. In fact, the apostles tell us that this is about Jesus Acts — More than a promise, we have an actual demonstration.

The Path Of Life from AVA Recordings (Black Hole) on Beatport

The path of life is not mainly about the here and now. The path of life is what God makes known to us — not as a trail to follow, but as a promise to embrace. He will not abandon us. He makes known to us the path of life. Please help me not to pervert this gift by rejecting your design for this intimate area of my life.

Why Path of Life?

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And fear. And pain. We are born with these emotions already inside us, regardless of the circumstances of our birth.

THE PATH TO ETERNAL LIFE... Jesus explains ❤️ The Great Gospel of John Volume 4 / 78-83

And from then on each of these emotions will evolve…. January 29, Interesting Articles.