Solomon Kane Volume 1: The Castle of the Devil

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A condemned wizard seeks revenge on the man who betrayed him. First published in The Howard Collector 10 , Spring Just a few lines completed. Kane meets a shadowy ghost rider on the road. First published in Red Shadows , Grant, Both men head to the Baron's castle for a reckoning.

Saga of Solomon Kane

Kane's old acquaintance, Jeremy Hawk, was once the king of an African lost civilization, and wants to resume that role. Kane fights side-by-side with the ghost of Sir Richard Grenville , at whose death Kane had been present. After years of wandering, Kane comes back to England "to live forever in my place. This work contains a dialog exchange between Kane and a local man: "Where is Bess? Woe that I caused her tears.

In the Howard fragment, "Hawk of Basti," Kane says of this monarch, "She herself has lied to and betrayed the folk of my faith Some fans consider "Bess" to be the love interest of Solomon Kane. There is no other mention of Bess in the stories, but given the character of Kane, a story has been read between the lines: Bess and Kane have shared a love, but the wayfaring nature of Kane has forced him to pursue his adventures.

Robert E. Howard - Solomon Kane - The Footfalls Within

Perhaps he has planned to come home to start a family with Bess, but upon hearing of her death, breaks all connections to home and leaves again without returning. The Staff of Solomon is an ancient staff that N'Longa presented to Kane to aid him in his adventures. It is described as sharp-pointed on one end and with the head of a cat on the other, made of a wood that no longer exists on Earth. The staff is covered with ancient hieroglyphs which, along with the cat's head, were added a very long time after the staff was created.

Using the staff Kane can communicate over distances with N'Longa, and it has also been used to slay vampires and evil spirits. Having carried it for an extended period seems to have endowed Kane with the ability to sense the presence of otherworldly beings. When Kane is taken prisoner by slavers, one of their party, "Yussef the Hadji", recognizes the staff for what it is. He says the staff is older than the world itself and holds mighty magic.

The cat-head is a representation of Bast , and the priests of Bast used the staff in ancient Egypt. The feline head which now decorates the staff's top was itself carved out of a pre-existing decoration, though it is now impossible to say what manner of eldritch symbol or creature was originally effigiated on it. With the staff Moses known as Musa in Arabic did wonders before the Pharaoh and carried it with him when his people fled Egypt.

For centuries it was the Scepter of Israel mentioned in Numbers , and Solomon used it to combat magicians and capture djinns. The staff may be related to Aaron's rod , Moses' rod or the Rod of Asclepius. Before this, when the world was young, Atlantean , pre-Adamite priests in silent cities beneath the seas used the staff to fight evil, millions of years before mankind was born.

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He is an ancient African shaman, who is driven to study magic. He has travelled the world in ancient times as a slave, secretly studying under various sorcerers and holy men of the Middle and Near East. In Judea he acquired the Staff of Solomon, which he later gave to Solomon Kane to aid him in his wanderings. N'Longa's magical powers derive from his ability to send his spirit out of his body. He can take over the bodies of the living and dead through this method, to communicate with Solomon Kane through the Staff of Solomon, and also summons the vultures by sending his spirit to parley with them.

A French criminal mastermind his name means "the wolf" whom Kane spent several years tracking down to avenge the murder of a dying girl he found, and her whole village. Kane eventually tracks le Loup to Africa, where he first meets N'Longa, and justice is served. His real name is Jonas Hardraker and he is known on all coasts of the civilized world as a ruthless pirate. He is a tall, rangy, broad-shouldered man, with a lean hawk-like cruel face.

Solomon Kane hunted him for two years after Hardraker sank a ship that was carrying the daughter of an old friend of Kane, the old friend having gone mad after hearing of his daughter's death.

Solomon Kane Volume 1: The Castle of the Devil | eBay

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Solomon Kane Volume 1: The Castle of the Devil

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